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Buy LED energy-saving lights need to consider some of the attention, module street lights tell you

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Buy LED energy-saving lights need to consider some of the attention, module street lights tell you

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Buy LED energy-saving lights need to consider some of the attention, module street lights tell you
I don't think everyone will be unfamiliar with the LED energy-saving lights! Even if you don't use any LED energy saving lights in your home now, you should see it in all kinds of lighting stores in the street! According to relevant reports, we are not difficult to come out, LED energy-saving lamps of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving these major advantages, its advent and development will become our future necessities of life!

Modular street lamp

As we all know, LED energy-saving lamps are more expensive, and many factors will affect the price of LED energy-saving lamps. Summary of the following are some of the LED energy-saving lamps to consider considerations.
First of all, consider the brightness of LED energy-saving lamps. According to the brightness of LED lights is different, the market price is different, but one thing is the same, is to be used for LED lamp LED must meet the standard laser level one, there is electrostatic resistance higher than that of 700V LED can become more strong and light, anti-static LED relative price the higher the!
Second, consider the life of LED energy-saving lamps. General LED energy-saving lamp life is relatively long, the use of the decisive factors of the life is light, light determines the life of LED, the general is now available on the market price is higher and better life!
Third, consider the use of LED energy-saving light chips. LED energy-saving lamp price and its chip factors, different chip LED energy-saving lamp price will also have the very big difference, the chip LED energy-saving lamps now generally appear on the market if the United States or Japan produce relatively expensive domestic production!
Finally, consider the light and color of LED energy-saving lamps. LED energy-saving lamps have the same wavelength, so the more light they produce, the more expensive they will be. But now with the development level of science and technology in our country is more and more internationalized, many domestic LED production standards are international, as well as the use of LED range is quite wide, it is not only in the use of lighting in the field, many high-end technology products will also make use of LED!



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