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Solar energy industry LED street lamp battery maintenance guide

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Solar energy industry LED street lamp battery maintenance guide

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The solar energy industry LED street lamp and street lamp are composed of each part, and they are indispensable. Among them, the battery life is directly related to the entire street life, a high quality of the service life of the battery to a longer service life than ordinary batteries, but in daily use, we should do some maintenance can be used more for a long time. What should I do in order to increase the useful life of the battery?

Industrial LED street lamp

1, the garrison rainwater into the battery: packaging must be tight enough, to guard into rain.

2 、 discharge charging stability: in the process of charging and discharging, no voltage is too high or too low.

3, temperature control: any object has its own proper temperature, can not be too high, nor too low, we must control the temperature.

4, the charge discharge control: this needs skills to achieve, the battery charge discharge is limited, we need to even eliminate the number of charging discharge.

The above is about solar street lamps, storage battery maintenance, the above four points, we can improve the storage battery life. But just too closely, but also the quality really improve the battery itself by time.

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