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Present situation and future development trend of LED street lamp

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Present situation and future development trend of LED street lamp

Date:2017-06-17 Author: Click:

Now, governments have advocated to replace the traditional lamp energy-saving renovation project to LED street, and to further promote the city level to two or three, then the "wisdom" of the lighting intervention, strengthen the LED Street advantage, which can then save 10-20% in the original LED energy-saving technology, coupled with the EMC mode of power, it is accelerate the popularization process of LED street lamp.

Even so, its popularity has not been as scheduled, especially this year, LED street lighting propulsion rate was significantly lower than expected, growth slowed. By the government change, anti-corruption and other objective factors, or is subject to the LED street lighting technology, market prices and other subjective factors? The author interviewed Professor Liu Muqing of light source and lighting Engineering Department of Fudan University, and discussed the present situation and future development opportunities of LED street lamp.
No specification into LED street lamp biggest bottleneck

At present, road lighting is mainly made of high pressure sodium lamp, and LED street lamp can not really replace it. In this regard, Liu Muqing said, from a technical perspective, compared with the LED high pressure sodium lamp, ifheavier, such as the light effect of the whole lamp, LED lamp can reach more than 100lm/W, and even with high pressure sodium lamps and ballasts, can only reach a maximum of 60 70lm/W, the optical efficiency of LED was significantly more than the high pressure sodium lamp, but also from the cost point of view, LED is not much than high pressure sodium lamp.

But Liu Muqing also admitted that, although from the technical level, the market price point of view, LED street lamp is no worse than high-pressure sodium lamp, but its popularity still needs a process. Specific from the following three aspects:
First, the LED street light effect is higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp, this is only for the technical level. In the market, the current LED industry is in the early stages of development, poor enterprises are better than good enterprises, and this part of the "poor students" will lead to the market for LED street lamps misunderstanding: "LED street lamps are not good."". Therefore, how to make people recognize and accept LED street lamps still need a good process;

Two, as the LED era continues to accelerate the development, enterprises gradually realize the importance of product quality, continue to high-quality development, the quality of the overall market circulation products will improve;

Three, standardization issues. The traditional high pressure sodium lamp, is composed of a bulb, ballast and lamp three parts, lighting is one of te most easily broken parts, life is about 1-2 years, even if it is bad, it is very convenient to replace, because it is a standardized product, can replace any lighting manufacturers. In contrast, LED street lamps, each of its manufacturers product specifications vary, and later replacement or maintenance products need to retrieve the same manufacturer, indirectly, LED street lamps become monopolized by the enterprise bound products. The nonstandard product is one of the biggest bottlenecks of the LED street lamp road, and the establishment of the standardization standard has become the urgent need of the industry development.

If the LED street lamp solves the above problem, then the high-pressure sodium lamp street lamp can fade out of the market. According to the theory, the LED on the road side of the promotion should be faster than the indoor lighting, but because it has a certain inertia of the promotion of road lighting in the market, and more standardized, its popularity is unable to effect. "But I believe one day the street lights will be LED's spring."." Liu Muqing expresses to the author, to the attention of LED street lamp.

In the last two years, the concept of smart lighting has added to the humanization of LED street lights. Liu Muqing pointed out that "in the control of street lamp at the same time, with the fire sensor, camera, information display and even interactive systems, on the one hand, through the sensor to the local information through network transmission to the monitoring office; on the other hand, through the monitoring center to send data to the LED light, transmission of information. Intelligent lighting is not only lighting system, but also through a sense of light to form a network of information, data systems, data acquisition, distribution and interaction." To sum up, intelligent lighting is equivalent to intelligent lighting plus lighting based intelligence, Liu Muqing said in a nutshell.

As Liu Muqing said, in recent years the application of intelligent control system in LED Street on the R & D and production gradually increased, many companies started to focus on intelligent street lamp LED lamp at home and abroad, such as PHILPS, GE, KingSun, aodevices etc

User approval is the basis of standardization

The high power LED lamps, the use of integrated structure integration, maintenance or failure in life after the end of the whole lamp can only return to factory maintenance or replacement, standardization problems failed to solve the slow development of the industry leading. In view of these practical problems, Liu Muqing put forward the light source design idea of high-power LED lamps in 2009. Through the light source design idea, the lamps and lanterns can realize fast maintenance in the field, and most components can be recycled and effectively prolong the life cycle of LED lamps.

Large power lamps will lead the modular road. But modularity is a long process because it needs to be based on constant scientific research. At present, Guangdong science and Technology Department of standard optical components in the ant vigorously launched embodies the concept of modularity, the corresponding products are the corresponding standard.
Liu Muqing pointed out that "domestic LED products do not have a fixed standard", this statement is not accurate. First of all, as a light source applications, that is, lighting, there is a complete standard system, and the relevant units in recent years for LED lamps also introduced a number of national and industrial and local standards. But for the time being, these standards are not enough for the development of the product. "Relative to the standard, I prefer to use the word" norm ". LED is too flexible and very standard

  Non visual lighting is a breakthrough in small and medium enterprises
The use of lamps is generally lighting, so that you can see the illuminated object, and even give people warm effect, such as the strong light during the day, the soft light at night. In addition, it has other applications, such as agricultural lighting, medical lighting, visible light communication, etc. These may be referred to as non visual lighting." Liu Muqing simply introduced the road.
Liu Muqing analysis, at present, many large enterprises have been put into the development of agricultural lighting, lighting time of agriculture is popular, but it is far from the real application also needs a process, because there are two problems to be solved: the first is the use of what is the optimal mode of lighting. LED is flexible, can be output mode light spectrum and intensity, irradiation time, irradiation light (such as steady state / pulse etc.) to regulate, and how the light is good for plants, different plants to light how light is a scientific problem, if solved, agricultural lighting use it to go forward. Second is the price, the cost is too high. At present, the industry of agricultural lighting as "tall" products, because it is often large power requirements, but failed to achieve mass production led to higher prices, this is LED a big bottleneck of agricultural lighting. "But I believe that these problems can be solved as the technology matures, and the application of agricultural lighting is very promising." Liu Muqing's prospects for agricultural lighting are still very promising.

LED in medical applications need to solve more problems, because medical supplies involve people, very strict, need to check for a long time. Last year, Liu Muqing's research team made a breakthrough in this area, and earlier published a study - LED oral mirror, which has been formally tested by eight hospitals in Shanghai. Liu Muqing also admitted that the current price is relatively high, but this is not universal lighting, the price is not its focus, need to profit, but also to see the future of industrialization.
Mention how small and medium enterprises from the fierce competition out of the break, Liu Muqing gives advice: "can be considered in the special field."". In his view, LED is very flexible, in addition to the application of functional lighting, such as road lighting, indoor lighting, and produce a variety of applications in many market segments, such as lighting, medical cosmetology, fish lamp, dental mirror, gastroscope etc.. Because of its flexibility, it is easy to access some special areas. For functional lighting, flexibility will result in interchangeability of products, which need to be regulated in the form of specifications or standards. But the special domain does not need to be standardized, and it can give full play to the flexibility and plasticity of LED, and there is still a great chance for SMEs to develop in this area.
The last mentioned the future trend of the lighting industry, Liu Muqing summed up the following three points: first, LED lighting will occupy the mainstream, not far and time; two, the flexibility of the LED market in the future for lighting, not limited to visual lighting lighting, visual and non visual lighting will be the two major research and development direction of lighting the combination of the three, LED; and digital technology, will open the smart lighting era.

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