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PHILPS street light manufacturers tell you: do not use various types of tunnel lights installed!

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PHILPS street light manufacturers tell you: do not use various types of tunnel lights installed!

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PHILPS street lights tell you: what is tunnel light? In order to solve the tunnel lamp is suddenly converted into the tunnel or the vehicle out of the tunnel brightness, making the eye vision into "hole effect", "black hole effect", used for lighting a lamp in the tunnel, which is called the tunnel lamp, the light source is generally a metal halide lamp, electrodeless lamp or as a special lamp, tunnel section, enter or pull out in the process of the vehicle, a lighting device in order to solve the problems of the vision, what method is the installation of the tunnel lamp? The installation of tunnel lights will vary in the way the tunnel lights are installed because of the angle and size of the tunnel.
Tunnel lamp installation - ceiling type
Tunnel lamp installation is diverse, in order to adapt to the needs of different tunnel installation and the angle of illumination, lighting and electrical box set of facilities, the reliability is very good, the failure rate is relatively low, it is very safe and convenient. Then how to install the tunnel lamp suction ceiling type installation? First of all, according to the previously designed drawings and design methods, a fixed-point embedded terminal box, cleaning the junction box, marking the junction box marking. The fixing of tunnel lamp is to pierce the hole of the lamp hole at the top end of the tunnel and fix the lamp with expansion bolt. In fact, the installation mode of the ceiling lamp is the same.

PHILPS street light

 Road lamp installation - suspender type
Next, the boom tunnel installation is now the most common method of lighting installation in the tunnel. In fact, the so-called boom, and the ceiling installation does not have what difference, the first to embedded lines, electrical box installation in accordance with the design, the detailed construction scheme after the installation of lamps, in the construction of the ceiling, so that to ensure the perfect knot lamps and ceiling, not only beautiful but also very tight structure. No loosening, the bolt fixed installation position must choose accurate, otherwise return tunnel lamp installation trouble.
Installation mode of tunnel lamp - seat type
Because the tunnel lamp manufacturers, also has a tunnel lamp size, tunnel lamp manufacturers explained so each installation methods are not the same, some devices in the tunnel or on both sides of the middle, good quality of tunnel light, no matter how are installed, will not affect the driver's headlights and taillights that will not let the driver's eyes by tunnel light damage, but only the same point is the power supply connection mode is the same. In fact, the installation method of the tunnel lamp holder is similar to the two methods mentioned above. First, the embedded lines, lamps and lanterns are installed and bolted. The installation shall be carried out in full accordance with the design drawings as well as the detailed scheme.
Installation mode of tunnel lamp -- wall hanging type
The tunnel wall mounted lamp installation, is actually very simple, although we are not common tunnel lights, but Home Furnishing lamps hanging installation we often see, in fact, tunnel lamp hanging lamp installation and Home Furnishing hanging installation, no what special place, and the tunnel lights the wall type installation, irradiation the tunnel space can be used in a wide range, installation methods are very simple, embedded line, tunnel lamp is installed, then the lamp is fixed, it also need a device to provide power for lighting electrical box.
Tunnel lamp installation - other
In addition to the previous installation of several tunnel lights, there are many ways to install, you can not introduce one by one. Anyway, tunnel lights installed are standard, such as installing height, size, line embedded, without reference to "JTT609-2004" and "CJJ45-2006" city road lighting design and installation standards. If the tunnel light is installed on both sides, it is generally better to be 6 meters, but not less than 5.5 meters, the angle range of the lamp should be adjusted at about 25 degrees. The installation of tunnel lights is not a fixed layer. With the development of new era technology, the development, design and installation methods of tunnel lamps have made great progress and innovation compared with the previous ones.
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