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Modular street lamp manufacturers teach you how to use LED lights

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Modular street lamp manufacturers teach you how to use LED lights

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Now with the development of society, the progress of science and technology, the quality of life is also greatly improved, incandescent and energy-saving lamps are slowly being eliminated in the future, people mainly rely on LED lighting is lighting, many families are still the subjective character of LED is a lighting. The user is not a clear concept for LED LED indeed, it is a kind of lighting right, but often such a situation, the majority of home users do not know how to use the LED lamp, can omit many details, so users need attention in 7 aspects, the right to use LED lamp.
How to use LED - store
1, LED in the original package intact premise, within 3 months to use for the best, in order to avoid stent rust, when LED packaging bag Kaifeng, as soon as possible after use. 2, moisture-proof: LED lamps to be stored in a dry ventilated environment, storage environment temperature is controlled at 23 + 5 degrees, relative humidity is controlled at 40-70%;
How does LED use - clean?
1, banned the use of chemical cleaning liquid LED lamp is unknown, it may damage the surface of LED resin, resin and even cause cracks, if necessary, please clean the LED immersion in alcohol at room temperature, time in a minute. 2, nursing LED lamps need to have dedicated liquid to clean, do not use indiscriminately, the damage to lamps is great.
How to use LED - forming and cutting of wire holder
1, molding position, please in the card below the department;
2, molding, please do not put pressure on the package shell;
3, molding, please carry out before welding;
4, the product in high temperature status, pin cutting will cause bad, please at room temperature for pin cutting.
How to use LED - Installation matters
1 place on the circuit board, the spacing between the mounting holes on the circuit board. 2, during installation, do not apply any pressure to the lead frame;
How is ED used - the handling of static electricity?
1, check the current through the circuit, such as the switch occurred when the surge does not exceed the maximum rated current, for driving the circuit, please insert the appropriate protection circuit;
2, this product is sensitive to static electricity products, the use of special attention should be paid. Especially in excess of the absolute maximum rated current and voltage, will damage or damage products, in the use of products, please do complete static electricity and surge countermeasures;

Modular street lamp

3, this product and low resistance metal surface contact, because of the rapid discharge phenomenon caused by obstacles, high risk. Work station and other products contact with the Department, please use conductive mats and other resistance through the Department of grounding (such as loading material box, anti-static box, bag, anti-static bag, etc.);
4, the tip of the iron must be grounded, in addition, for easy to generate static environment recommend the use of ion generator.
5, as the use of electrostatic and surge countermeasures, the body grounding (wearing anti-static gloves and electrostatic wristbands), conductive mats, conductive shoes and conductive containers, etc., is more effective;
How does LED use - use methods?
1, drive circuit of two ways, a, parallel mode, B, series mode
2, in the use of the process, whether it is a single use is still more than one use, each LED DC drive current recommended using IF range of 10-20mA;
3, pulse flash of destruction LED inside the lamp is fixedly connected, so the circuit must be designed carefully, so in line opening closing, LED will not be subjected to overvoltage or overcurrent impact; 4, to obtain the average brightness and color, the use of current and light current please premise, avoid packet mix use, in order to avoid differences cause electric, brightness and color;
5, LED consistency of brightness and color in multiple use, so as to drive and drive the premise to fully understand, how many mA light, can only guarantee the consistency of color and brightness of the current.
How to use LED - security attention
1, the product can not be directly UV light (visual special products: mainly used for currency). 2, use this product, please comply with safety and public specifications;
3, if the product of the product that is lighted up directly by sight, it will be painful for a few seconds;
4, there are wires exposed, should be promptly repaired
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