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The commercial LED light doesnt shine or flash, tell you how to deal with it!

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The commercial LED light doesnt shine or flash, tell you how to deal with it!

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LED light (LEDDownlight) and LED flood lights, spotlights, projection lamp, lamp and so on, mainly used for building decoration lighting in commercial space, and lighting, decorative elements heavier, its appearance is round or square, because of different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment therefore, other exterior light but there are some differences in shape, but the principle is the same.
As mentioned above, because of the different heat dissipation and application environment, there are some differences in the shape of the light projector. In fact, the principle is about the same. Commercial LED light is the main light source by LED (also called LED lamp), LED (also known as LED drive, power supply transformer), shell, waterproof gasket and filling waterproof rubber composition. LED light source, drive quality, waterproof good, shell material is thick enough (can meet the light source, power generation heat distribution), light basically will not be a problem. So, what if the LED light doesn't work, it doesn't appear, flash, and sometimes it's bright and light? Today I'll show you the way of maintenance and replacement.


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LED light is broken, mainly light and drive, the most important is the light source, power supply is not good, it is easy to go wrong. If you have a tool to detect, you know which one is broken. Here's the general reason why the LED light doesn't turn on:
1. the power supply is broken and the power supply is not enough. The power supply of the light supply lamp is the majority, and the power supply provides a stable working voltage for the light source.
The power in the alternating current into direct current problems in the process, may lead to LED light does not light straight flash, this is no way to repair, the direct exchange of power, of course, before you change to clear the source string and the number of current and voltage, and whether or not enough tiles, if not clear to change the power to change the wrong or it will not be long before the bad or not bright enough.
Show another phenomenon is just beginning to shine for a while and then began to turn on the lights flash or flash lamp, which is the main power components is not stable, will lead to the flash, the fundamental problem is the poor quality of power or thermal power is not good, after working for a period of time, its power supply temperature rise to power the element itself unstable parts of winter and summer temperature changes, resulting in power supply high or low temperature, unstable operation, objectively speaking this power is unqualified. If the power is broken, then change a good point, a general quality power supply can not be two or three years, that quality can not, and now many power supply is 5 years warranty, with a 5,6 years, the problem is not.
The 2. light source is broken, not light: look at the middle position is not sealing beads with black spots, the spots are caused by two reasons, the first is used for a long time, temperature of lamps and fluorescent powder glue through high temperature forming, and one reason is that the current power supply is too high (the power source is not stable, there may be the source of poor quality, causes itself to see) beads open or necrosis.
Light radiating light will not cause the light attenuation (there is no light or severe burn before). Another is that light water is not well, the lights inside water, LED lamp burned.
If the shell is intact, replace the lamp still can be used, but you need to know the parameters of power supply power, current, voltage, and light source, it.
About the power and light problems, there is one point, that is, the light is light, that is, the light is very weak, this situation may be the power supply is bad, there may be light source is bad, to be specific with Multimeter measurement.

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