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Why choose the LED light, Mr. Hua tells you?!

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Why choose the LED light, Mr. Hua tells you?!

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Light is also called the spotlight, projection lamp, lamp, decorative elements heavier, its shape with round or square, because generally have to consider heat causes, it cast light on its shape and there are some differences between the traditional. It is mainly used in single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, light outside the building through the indoor lighting and local lighting, landscape lighting, advertising lighting, lighting, medical culture and specialized facilities such as bars, discos and other * * * atmosphere lighting. The reason the projector is so popular is that it has four advantages.

Modular street lamp

Advantage 1: irradiation angle adjustment

Light is actually a spotlight, so the illumination angle is can be adjusted, so it has more flexibility in its use, and the light will have a scale plate angle adjustment, so it can be adjusted more precisely according to a graduated plate.
Advantage two: wide range of applications

Light shape is very small compared to other lighting, which can adapt to the installation site more widely, and not prone to damage problems in the process of using, not because of the use of time is too long and fever, its service life is more natural for a long time.
Advantage three: no controller

Compared with other lighting lamps, cast light lamps in use can not control, but in the process of use also can achieve a variety of special effects such as light irradiation, gradient, light color changes, light jumping, flashing lights, which is generally the lamp can achieve high dynamic lighting decorative effect.

Advantage four: lighting effect is good

Because it is actually a spotlight, with lighting function, so the light shines the light effect is very good, the color of the light is very bright, and the color purity is very high, although the color of light and light is bright, but its light is not bright, the opposite very soft, very suitable for use in Home Furnishing local lighting decoration, light or a lighting energy-saving, in the process of using very low power, it is not high

because of the use of power.

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