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The Belt and Road, new opportunities for industrial enterprises "LED street"

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The Belt and Road, new opportunities for industrial enterprises "LED street"

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As governments actively promote energy-saving emission reduction, disable incandescent lamps, and vigorously promote the use of LED lighting products, export orders increased, especially in India, this energy shortage is particularly evident in countries. All the signs seem to indicate that the industrial LED street lighting industry has entered a period of rapid development. At the same time, the past year is the year of channel integration, and it is also the year of capital reshuffle. Siu Chang lighting general manager believes that the shuffle is normal development of the law, no matter which industry is engaged in, after the development of a certain stage, must take this process. In the future to survive, must be the capital of the company, including capital and technology advantages, the advantages of production management, basic capital chain advantage and so on, there are certain aspects of the advantages of enterprise can go for a long time.

Industrial LED street lamp

 To make an enterprise bigger and stronger is the pursuit of every entrepreneur, but after all, large enterprises are still only a few, and need to accumulate slowly. As the majority of small and medium-sized lighting enterprises, and how to do their own?

Different types of enterprises have different business methods and strategies, and if they want to go far, they should go step by step at their own pace and do what they should do. First of all, we must be determined to do a good job in the product, to do a good job, the performance to do up, no risk, not radical. Secondly, pay attention to the benign circulation of funds, it is better to cash transactions, avoid triangular bonds, many "closures", "running feet" all the time beating our nerves. Enterprises want to succeed, we must attach importance to the expansion of channels, physical channels, agent channels, direct marketing channels, as well as electricity supplier channels, multi-channel layout. Whether it is channel construction or brand promotion, the ultimate goal is to sell the product. Although the market change constantly, but fully tap their own advantages, practical operation, certain product positioning, seize market opportunities, more channels to try to develop an appropriate marketing strategy, is the survival of small and medium sized LED enterprises should ponder and research.
The survival of LED enterprises, technical support is essential, LED industry is a contrarian capital industry, its technology can continue to extend, at the same time can be subdivided into many areas, many enterprises can actually input from these segments, to control the development strategy, there will be a very good development opportunity. Therefore, an enterprise wants to survive in the strong wind and big waves down, it is necessary to grasp their own position and direction, to do, to do fine. Small and medium enterprises can not compete with large enterprises, because large enterprises have some capital, so the survival of SMEs is a magic weapon drilling, from the gap in the field of subdivision drilled into, do, do, do fine.

No matter what strategy the enterprise lays down, an enterprise without a down-to-earth approach is difficult to succeed. Not be confused by the outside rhetoric, firmly believe that one step at a time, pragmatic spirit is the secret weapon of enterprise success.
Shenzhen Hua Jun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, design, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the LED lighting production service providers.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, reputation first" principle, adhere to the "production of best products" policy. All staff has always been adhering to the "quality first, innovation first, service first" purpose, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets, and to promote and promote China's LED lighting products!
Mainly from: industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, composed of two major series. Products include: UFO industrial and mining lights, LED, PHILPS street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED oil station lights, LED explosion-proof lights, LED stadium lights, LED mining lights, rural street lamps, industrial LED street lights, solar street lamps. Products involve a wide range of fields. Hotline: Tel: 0755-33167148



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