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Smart citys next step, how can we lack the "smart industry" LED street lighting?"

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Smart citys next step, how can we lack the "smart industry" LED street lighting?"

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Smart lighting makes industrial LED street lights easy
Through intelligent lighting solutions, lighting networking and other application services, the streets, indoor, sports venues and public landscape, to provide people with more intelligent lighting experience. Among them, in the city wide distribution of street lamp, smart lighting can help the local management unit immediately grasp the situation in the city, and effectively improve the public security, traffic and energy consumption, so the government or public sector with lower costs, provide more services to meet the public demand. Through the integrated monitoring and management system, can help to grasp the dynamic city, for the first time to exclude criminal and traffic problems in, to reduce the crime rate, enhance public security purposes. At present, the LED lighting system, which is developed by Hua Jun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, has also been put into use in most areas!

Industrial LED street lamp

In addition, smart lighting by its wide distribution advantage, collect large amounts of data and analysis, not only can quickly repair in fault, reduce maintenance cost of manpower, more can be transformed into effective information, help planning and urban governance in the future. Finally, the smart lighting can monitor the use of the situation immediately, so that lighting equipment only when needed to provide services, effectively save 75% of the energy consumption, so that the city towards sustainable development goals.
The local government China while promoting smart city, but in the main part of the city street lighting, promote the use of LED light source, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity, the use of energy-saving LED lamp can bring convenience to the family and the industry, but also saves the cost of electricity a lot! At present, intelligent lighting system has not been introduced into most areas of our country. Smart lighting can bring smarter management of smart city, improve management efficiency, and further bring benefits of energy saving.
The official said, a city about 4 of the lighting in the use of electricity, so saving energy become one of the driving goal of municipal efficiency, but the traditional street lamp electricity unlike ordinary household electricity meter usage calculation in detail, so the city most of the average electricity consumption calculation of a road lamp, extra electricity in order to estimate the overall electricity plus a percentage of the monthly payment to the power company, smart lighting system networking of each lamp can collect electricity, calculate the exact use of electricity. Shenzhen enterprises launched a new 10W LED lighting equipment, the current test results are good.
A full range of street lighting management system is a combination of software application interface and actual lighting equipment, through the networking device integration, so that managers can have flexible control ability, change urban lighting operation mode. The ability to automatically detect and repair simple operation interface and real-time remote control solutions, provide wisdom, open, safe, can meet the requirements of the county management unit, residents and street lights maintenance unit demand.
Specifically, there are three advantages:
1, wisdom: automatic detection, automatic return abnormal signal, and can adjust the light of single light or group;
2 open: provide open API, lighting devices connected to other devices via mobile networks, and will be integrated with existing urban management systems;
3, security: use the same level of security protection technology as the network bank and securities dealer, with end-to-end encryption and double authentication mechanism, to ensure the safety of data transmission and storage.
Industrial LED streetlights are also good for the development of smart lighting systems across cities, which allows the entire lighting market and platforms to gain added value and kinetic energy for long-term development. In the promotion of the Chinese market, the cooperation of the district governments, the initial goal is to fully LED lighting, and intelligent lighting systems and platforms are the next stage. At present, China's governments at all levels are still relatively conservative and slow in their progress in the strategy and development of smart cities and the leading cities in the international market. They will continue to communicate and work hard in the future.
Shenzhen Hua Jun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, design, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the LED lighting production service providers.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, reputation first" principle, adhere to the "production of best products" policy. All staff has always been adhering to the "quality first, innovation first, service first" purpose, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets, and to promote and promote China's LED lighting products!
Mainly from: industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, composed of two major series. Products include: UFO industrial and mining lights, LED, PHILPS street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED oil station lights, LED explosion-proof lights, LED stadium lights, LED mining lights, rural street lamps, industrial LED street lights, solar street lamps. Products involve a wide range of fields. Hotline: Tel: 0755-33167148





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