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Name of enterprise: Shenzhen Huawei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Fan Jun
Telephone: 0755-33167148
Mobile: 15919891488
Address: building B, building 5, three people's road, Shilong Road, Shilong Road, Shiyan City, Shenzhen, Baoan District

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PHILPS street light

Shenzhen Hua Jun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, design, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the LED lighting production service providers.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, reputation first" principle, adhere to the "production of best products" policy. All staff has always been adhering to the "quality first, innovation first, service first" purpose, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets, and to promote and promote China's LED lighting products!

Mainly from: industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, composed of two major series. Products include: UFO mining lights, LED, PHILPS street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED oil station lights, LED explosion-proof lights, LED stadium lights, LED mining lights, solar street lamps. Products involve a wide range of fields.

The company with excellent quality, high quality products and innovative engineering design and perfect customer service service, win all areas of many engineering producers and distributors, municipal organs and units of praise and trust, and establish long-term cooperative relations. The company's main business scope is: 1: industrial lighting (for factories, terminals, mining enterprises, gas stations, toll stations, stations, etc.) to provide quality lighting solutions and quality lighting products, factory lighting transformation
2: outdoor building lighting (urban road lighting, rural road lighting, tunnel lighting, hotels, theaters, clubs, office buildings, bridges, residential buildings and other large building night image project)

Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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